Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions

A. We have special and events each month to allow families and seniors to take advantage of special discounted pricing. We usually conduct these events at specific location or during a specific time. These specials are typically limited to 10 - 20 participants. If you would like to made aware of upcoming specials, get on our email list and you'll get our announcements.
A. Although we have pricing and packages to accommodate a variety of budgets, our average customer experience will be between $200 - $300. In comparing to other photographers in the Wichita market, we find that our pricing is a little less than half the price of comparable photographers. We are one of the only photographers in town that includes the digital files with almost all of our packages and specials.
A. It depends entirely on the type of look or vibe you're wanting to achieve with your pictures. We start with the overall concept - do you want urban, edgy, country, rustic, nature, etc.? Once we have that narrowed down its easier to recommend a specific setting. We often will conduct a "photo safari" with our seniors and roam to several locations to see how the lighting and conditions are. This helps give the overall portfolio better variety.
A. As you can tell from our galleries we do photography in varied categories. We try to keep our photography diverse to bring portrait quality to our volume shoots and volume efficiency to our portrait shoots. We like to shoot a little bit of everything to help keep it fresh. If we specialize in just weddings, it could potentially get stale and burnout. We like to bring our ideas from one genre to other shoots to help discover new looks and angles. This helps us achieve our number one customer request, that they want their pictures to "look and feel different".
A. We strive for efficiency in our shoots. If we draw out a shoot it only serves to tire a subject and limits our creativity. In our opinion it is better to conduct two 30 - 45 minutes sessions rather than one long 2 hour session. This gives the subject a chance to change their look (curly vs straight, summer tan vs fall fairness, etc. Our goal is to complete a family shoot in about 30 minutes and our senior shoots in about an hour. But this is not a hard and fast rule.
A. While we don't limit the poses and amount of changes, we find it can be limiting if the subject brings too many changes. It means more time in the changing room and less time in front of the camera. In our experience 2 - 3 outfits is good in a single senior session. During that session we will photograph at least 100 unique images with around 25 different poses and locations.
A. It depends on the season. Our overall rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Bold patterns and colors can detract from the subject matter. We've seen jeans and a simple white t-shirt photographed in a classic manner to achieve the perfect senior picture. Avoid the temptation to embellish. Accessories such as hats, sunglasses, jackets, scarves, etc. can lend variety with out much effort in changing.
A. We photograph families and seniors throughout the year. In some cases we're able to do last minute shoots, but its better to plan ahead by scheduling 4 weeks out from your hoped for date/season. Weddings should scheduled with a consultation in order to discuss the ceremony and reception details.

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