School Photos Worth Framing

Say Goodbye To Boring School Photos

We excel at providing quality Wichita-area school and student portraits at a competitive price. We are aware there are many stakeholders in the school portrait process. Parents want quality and economical pictures. Administrators want a non-intrusive photo day experience. Students want a photographer that cares about their expression and not a photographer that's just there to push the shutter button.

Iseman Photography wants to provide an alternate solution to the status quo. We can compete on price and offer scheduling flexibility to allow for optimal photo dates for underclass portraits, group/class portraits, and sports photos within the school. Let your school community know that you want them to think different and review their options before signing up for the "same ole, same ole". Our product provides editing, posing options and creativity whereas their product provides the same as last year.

Were you happy with your school portrait last year? Did you think you got a good value? If not, we can change that for you and your school community.

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