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Senior Special - 2018 Senior Rep Program

Our senior rep program is designed to bring in some special seniors early in the season to get some of their pictures captured. All we ask of our senior reps is that you post and share you pics (tagging Pete Iseman) and letting your friends know about the experience. You are helping us get the word out to other about our studio and how we do things. In exchange we give you discount pictures (see below for your 2 options). We don't require any exclusivity. You are welcome to use other photographers as well. You can consider this as a compliment to your overall portfolio of pictures or you'll get all of the pictures you'll need just for participating.

You can choose one of 2 options for getting pictures -

2 sessions (any season), All digital files in high resolution, 1 8x10, 2 5x7's (one pose), 72 wallets (one pose), 4 image edits, collage and/or grad card design (printing not included). This represents almost $800 in pictures that you're getting at about 35% of regular price. The real prize here is that you get all of the digital files for social media. These are unrestricted and you can use them as you please. You own them! You also get 72 wallets. For a lot of seniors that's enough, or that's a really good start on what you'll need for your announcements or for giving out to friends.

1 session, all digital files in low resolution (not for printing, just for sharing/posting). After that you can order anything (except for collages and cards) you'd like at 60% of retail. Our normal retail pricing is:

11x14 - Regular price $99, you get it for $60
8x10 - Regular price $30, you get it for $18
5x7 - Regular price $20, you get it for $12
4x6 - Regular price $10, you get it for $6
Wallets - Regular price for sheet of 8 is $24, you get it for $15. Prices are further reduced on wallets if you order in quantity, down to $1.25 / wallet if you order a minimum of 52 of a single pose.

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